Heads Up Guidance Services Inc. (H.U.G.S.), a local 501(c)(3) organization

Fostering Harmony between Citizen & Community

Collaborative Partners

Offering Professional Counseling to Our Collaborative Partners:

  Collaboration (Not Competition) Is The Key To Success In Providing Social Services

Heads-Up Guidance Services: It is our organizational goal to provide necessary Professional Counseling to all local organizations lacking the resources and/or funding to offer these essential services. It is our desire and mission to go where the need is, and to bridge the gaps in our community. HUGS will continue to partner with other organizations serving the city’s disadvantaged to provide their participants with the “Hand-Up” component critical for healing and long-term success.

It is our mission to create and provide an accepting, motivating and supportive environment to those who need it most. Our programs are designed to teach independence, self-sufficiency, and responsibility. It is through the utilization of professional volunteers and donated services that HUGS can provide comprehensive and dynamic programs that would otherwise not be affordable for the community to implement.


  • Chatham County Juvenile Court:  HUGS’ provides counseling services to the SPARC Program participants and their families.

  • Performance Initiatives, Inc:  HUGS provides counseling to the young athletes of PI.  Our programs offer treatment to at-risk youth and families without financial resources, many of whom would forgo these life changing treatments if the HUGS program were unavailable.

  • Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club:  HUGS provides individual and group counseling to at-risk youth twice weekly.

  • Step Up Savannah E-3 (Educate, Empower, Employ):  E-3 is a non-profit in conjunction with Step Up Savannah. As a collaborative partner, HUGS provides weekly therapeutic/vocational counseling both in Individual Sessions and in Discussion Groups.

  • Ready2Connect:  HUGS partners with this Effingham County initiative to assist families and individuals with career readiness and family empowerment.

  • Saint Andrews School: HUGS’ counselors provide psycho-education and group discussion to both parents and students.


                                                HUGS is proud of its partnerships and looks forward to continued
                                     community collaboration, serving the citizens of Chatham & surrounding counties.


Partnering wirh PI
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