H.U.G.S – Heads Up Guidance Services

Fostering Harmony between Citizen & Community

Our Mission

Mission: To provide professional mental health counseling and addiction recovery services to individuals and families who could not otherwise afford the high cost of services. HUGS will address all levels of support, including emotional, educational, environmental, moral and spiritual facets of the therapeutic process.

Vision: To provide a full range of therapeutic and educational services to participants who (1) are seeking meaningful, productive lifestyles; (2) have the desire to make a positive contribution to our community and (3) have limited financial means to pay for services.

Philosophy: HUGS is a mission and an initiative – It is a faith based organization centered around our belief in the human spirit which should be fed spiritually, emotionally, intellectually by those called to this field for a purpose. HUGS is here to serve GOD, the less-fortunate, and this community. HUGS strives to positively impact, not just those directly served, but also those who serve others and the community at large.  Our organization is called to break down the barriers to Professional Counseling Services for all in need, and to initiate a collaborative effort to bridge the gaps between all individuals and community resources.

We believe that individuals with a sense of personal responsibility and accountability, accompanied by a healthy relationship with community, will contribute greatly to society by decreasing crime, addiction and recidivism. We believe our enrichment program enhances personal and societal wellness. Program participants will learn to interact within an ethical work model that fosters self-realization through community contribution. The HUGS model promotes harmony between participant and community through the establishment of a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship.

  • HUGS gives a “Hand Up” rather than a “Hand Out”…expecting its participants to take ownership & responsibility for their recovery.
  • We believe in a holistic approach to therapy: treating the whole person by addressing all facets of a healthy lifestyle…emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual.
  • We believe that opportunities should exist for all citizens to connect in a positive way with their communities.
  • We believe that a productive, caring citizen-community relationship is mutually beneficial.
  • We believe that emotional and spiritual supports, along with a strong sense of community connection, are key factors in recovery.

What makes us different?

 HUGS serves Chatham County’s under-served population without using taxpayer dollars (i.e. government funded programs such as Medicaid) as a funding source.  We depend on community donations and local volunteers.  We operate, NOT at the expense of local taxpayers, but rather to the benefit of local employers and the Savannah community at large by reducing crime, addiction, and recidivism.

We believe in collaboration, not competition, when it comes to providing services….Not in duplicating services already provided in the community, but rather in partnering with other organizations that lack the resources to provide professional counseling.  We strive to bridge the gap in services. And we offer a holistic counseling approach by addressing all aspects of the therapeutic process:  emotional, educational, mental, and spiritual.

HUGS’ counselors volunteer their time to serve their clients, thus making counseling affordable to all in need. HUGS a non-profit organization run by volunteers and supported by community donations.  We offer community enrichment by utilizing a distinctive blend of traditional, faith-based and innovative services. HUGS partners with existing community resources, thus providing a FULL range of services. Our program is unique because of HUGS commitment to assist each individual in realizing their potential and also foster a positive relationship between participant and community. We emphasize accountability, as well as counseling by qualified professionals.