Heads Up Guidance Services Inc. (H.U.G.S.), a local 501(c)(3) organization

Fostering Harmony between Citizen & Community

Ready-2-Work/Day Programs


Participants in HUGS’ Counseling Programs may qualify for

Ready-2-Work Vocational Support.

Referrals are made by HUGS’ Counselors upon the individual’s completion

of Initial Sessions, Skills Evaluation, & Interest Inventory.


The HUGS “Ready 2 Work Program” is designed to address social & emotional barriers contributing to joblessness, financial dependence, and recidivism.  Clients who cannot afford to pay the discounted fees for counseling, may apply for the Ready-2-Work Program and do volunteer work for the HUGS’ organization in exchange for their therapeutic services. 


Ready2Work Opportunities Include HUGS’ Therapeutic Gardening Program, 2 Bee Continued Vintage Thrift Shop, and The Creative Space Workshop.


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