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Beyond EAP

An opportunity for businesses to thrive.


The HUGS’ “Beyond EAP” is designed specifically with your business in mind.

Beyond EAP will effectively address communication, professional boundaries, emotional intelligence, productivity, and mental clarity in the workplace. 

Our Managing Director will work with your company's leadership team to customize programming tailored to your business needs. It all starts with a free consultation and proposal customized to your exact needs! 

This embedded approach serves to galvanize your team, 

decrease turnover and increase revenue and productivity. 


Customized Services Include: 

Review Meetings and Strategy Implementation

Mentally Fit Workshops

Individual Coaching and Counseling

Assessments and Diversion Services 

Contact us today to learn more and schedule a free consultation:

Partnering with HUGS is not just for your employees, but the community at large. By choosing us, your money goes directly into funding community mental health. It allows us to continue offering services without the red tape traditionally associated with professional counseling. We create a safe place by not having to diagnose or report to 3rd parties. A healthy community starts with your business, be a leader today! 


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