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Our Services

Who We Are and What We Do
HUGS’ Counselors are professionals who volunteer
their time and 

expertise to provide a variety of therapeutic services. 

Our compassionate staff is committed to a comprehensive approach, 
meeting the behavioral health needs of families and individuals of all ages.

How to Begin Services?   What to Expect? 

All services begin with a phone call to HUGS' main office and the scheduling of the initial intake. The intake, that usually takes no more than an hour, is primarily an information gathering session, and a time for the client to voice their needs, goals, and preferences.  The cost of the intake is $40 and must be paid in advance in

order to confirm the appointment.


Within a few days, the intake paperwork is turned over to our clinical team, and the client is assigned a counselor who can best meet their needs.  The client can then expect a call from their assigned counselor

to schedule the first appointment.

Client Satisfaction Survey

Addressing the behavioral health and
addiction recovery needs for motivated individuals of all ages.

Teens & Library

Adolescents can receive individual counseling or participate in

the HUGS YES Group
(Youth Empowerment Services)

Couple Dancing

Working together to restore relationships
for couples and families.


An assessment is a comprehensive professional evaluation,
often school or probation mandated.

Support Groups

Women’s Abuse & Trauma Support Groups
and Intensive Outpatient Services 


Participants in HUGS’ counseling programs may qualify for Motivated-4-Change support.

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