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Coping with Coronavirus Consequences - Shortening the Distance

The counselors of Heads-Up Guidance Services are taking advantage of the latest technology to “shorten the distance” for their clients. By offering remote counseling sessions, their clients will be given the opportunity to continue therapy without disruption of services. Trying times filled with physical health and employment concerns will likely trigger stress, anxiety, grief, and loss, making the need for professional counseling even more critical.

Due to growing concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19), it is HUGS priority to ensure the safety and health of our clients, counselors, and staff members. As a result, we will implement the use of remote communication technology to continue providing quality, affordable counseling services to the community. Complying with safety recommendations and protecting client privacy with strict HIPPA compliant procedures, HUGS will modify, but not discontinue services to those in need.

For clients being seen in-person, all safety recommendations will be followed including the use of COVID-19 symptoms screenings and temperature checks. 

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